Q: When should a good commercial property manager be involved in decisions? A: Always

Far from a passive or administration role, your commercial property manager should be at the very core of all your property decisions and if you don`t feel comfortable with that, you’ve chosen the wrong one! Commercial property management is a team game; you`ll consult with your solicitor and your accountant, so make sure your decision is fully informed, and all aspects considered.

My approach to commercial property management is the same, whatever the size of the property or portfolio, which is to be involved at all stages. Yes, I want to liaise advise on the letting approach and support the letting agent, consider the implications when negotiating terms and then throughout the ongoing cycle of a commercial property investment. If the chosen route is disposal, the management information is critical too.

Whilst a specialist and technical role, like any job it is how it is done; it`s a service and the human element is key, whatever the rent role or however many plc`s are involved. Communication. Proactive. Professional. Integrity and yes, `going the extra mile` may appear rather cliché, but they are true and should underpin your investment!

Pick the right property management company and invite them into the heart of your investment team; you`ll see the difference.

Kevin Underwood
Commercial Property Consultant