Get the best from your estate agent!

Your choice of estate agent and the business relationship established, is critical in achieving the right results and to ensure the right service levels are received. Yes it is a relationship, don’t underestimate it.

Recently a client contacted me for advice and guidance, having had their lovely home on the market for fast approaching 12 months, with no success. Furthermore, they felt they had had no service either, leaving them frustrated and disillusioned. Having initially met with several leading agents, they made their choice. The property is well presented, of real quality and with an asking price of over £0.75m, a lovely property to add to any agents sales portfolio and with a not an insignificant commission carrot too. With enthusiasm oozing and list of promises and will-do’s ready, the ‘go’ button was pressed. There were viewings, there was some, but limited feedback. Time went on and the number of phone calls dwindled. When there were conversations they were initiated by the vendor. Sometimes viewers were accompanied, but by someone inexperienced and ill-informed about this individual, historic property. Hardly maximising a sales opportunity!

We met to review things fully. I considered my clients comments and aspirations and we started again with a blank sheet of paper and totally fresh approach. With the benefit of experience the approach was different. Full discussions with the carefully chosen new agent set clear service levels and detailed approach. No assumptions on either part, full clarity. The agents advice was constructive, honest and not just what the clients wanted to hear, but well researched and respected. With a healthy ‘team’ approach established, and all the various sales staff visiting the property personally, to ensure their knowledge would enable them to be as helpful, informative and productive as possible we launched to the market.

Remember your estate agent is your friend, not your enemy. If you are not happy with the fee level, don’t agree it. But if you do, treat your agent as an ally. Look at value and what you receive for your agreed fee, don’t just look for the cheapest fee. Clarify what is important to you, establish communication and marketing expectations. It is this working relationship which is the key. As long as the agent is going their best, and are keeping you advised and giving you real advice, you can work together towards making things happen. It is not just a lottery; how you work with your estate agent influences how your agent works for you.

I am pleased to report that with this fresh approach an early sale has been agreed, subject to contract; fingers crossed.

If you are in a similar position or you are just about to go to the market with either a residential or commercial property, please feel free to contact me and I’ll happily chat things through, in confidence and without obligation. I can work with you to set up the best sales strategy to minimise the hassles, establish the right marketing approach to enjoy the best service levels and achieve the best results!

Let’s get things on the move!