…. just my cup of tea!

So who is a good tenant nowadays? “The strength of a commercial property investment has a direct correlation to the quality of the tenant” emphasised specialist commercial property consultant Kevin Underwood.

“Having originally negotiated the letting to Boston Tea Party on a 25 year lease, I have managed this property for well over 10 years and they have been model tenants. Great tea and coffee delivered, with a smile by friendly staff, straight to your table. Always busy the clientele mix is amazing, and as leaders in the war against plastics, you won’t see any single use plastic cups here! ”

Kevin continued “A commercial lease is often long and complicated with no shortage of additional property law to refer to either. In addition to the obvious specialist expertise required, the key to good property management is to build a strong, clear working relationship with the tenant and keep your client informed!”

“If something needs dealing with, don’t procrastinate or presume. Communicate! As in most aspects of life, even amongst the fast moving technology of the the 21st century, people still respond to people and quality soft skills make a huge difference. Dealing with local staff, Board directors or property professionals the property manager needs to build relationships at many levels, especially where leases can endure for decades.”

Quality commercial property management doesn’t cost more but a poorer, even cheaper service can be considerably more expensive!

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“Commercial property management …… just my cup of tea!”

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