Block Management is different!

Like many things in life, a little bit of information is dangerous. Well, the management of flats and apartments blocks is a good example, where both directors of Residents’ Management Companies which are responsible for the management of their blocks and indeed some managing agents are not aware of the legislation and regulations which relate to this property sector. Many approach the management with absolute integrity applying a sound, come sense property management approach. This may appear fine and be relatively uneventful sometimes for years. However, things can arise exposing non-compliance and, as always, ignorance is no defence. Mistakes or indeed omissions can prove costly, potentially for everyone. At worst, this can affect the marketability and even values of the apartments, which can have a far-reaching impact.

Whilst not involved in the front line of apartment block management nowadays I work as a consultant with Peninsula Management who are North Devon based, managing a comprehensive and varied portfolio in Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Braunton, Woolacombe, Ilfracombe, Lynton, South Molton, Westward Ho! and Bude plus others in Cornwall and Somerset.

Their sister company Peninsula Fire Safety offer specialist advice in all aspects of fire safety. Director Jon Limer explained “It is a legal requirement for all non-domestic buildings to have a Fire Risk Assessment, which should be reviewed if there are any material changes or after an agreed period. From that a business can work with Peninsula Fire Safety to set up appropriate policies and procedures to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. This obligation extends from offices, factories, schools and care homes through to holiday cottages and many, many more.

We suggest if you have any block management or fire risk concerns you should contact block management experts Peninsula Management or for fire safety Peninsula Fire Safety.