A week`s a long time in property!

It may be August but there`s been no talk of holidays here! The past week illustrates the variety of my workload and the broad scope and value of my consultancy service.

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The week finished off with a welcomed email from solicitors, confirming the successful exchange of contracts, finally formalising protracted, and somewhat challenging negotiations, on a client`s commercial property in London. A great team effort, with all the (previously unacquainted) professionals pulling together well. Thanks team!

Earlier in the week a similar conclusion was achieved in Bristol; it`s always great to get the ink dry on the documentation after months of work.

Acting for a family trust, we`ve made some great progress this week, in the management of their commercial property, moving from adversity, with real progress hardly imagined two months ago.

I received calls from several (now new) clients who are looking to my independence, commercial property expertise and experience, to guide them through the challenges of marketing their commercial property. This has ranged from choosing the right commercial agent, advice and assistance in how to deal with them, to get the most from this relationship, marketing advice and for one client seeking a total review, after a few months of no success in the market. A fresh, objective view can be very effective.

Similarly this week I organised the review of the marketing of a client`s quality individual, residential property. Some good news and some challenges to deal with. They wanted the correct, informed advice, not just sales patter, which has just wasted their time, creating false hopes. It`s been amazing what has been achieved and they are now confident of the new approach, the exceptional relationship established with their new agent and they are confident of success being not too far away on the horizon.

I welcome calls from anyone who feels that my expertise, experience and guidance can be of assistance. I have the time to look at things properly. Everything is always in total confidence and without obligation, but a different approach can be incredibly refreshing and effective, as so many of my clients tell me!

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