People management is the need!

When Mark Twain wrote “fact is stranger than fiction” he couldn’t have had the current Covid19 situation in mind, but the quote certainly captures the current situation perfectly.

Scientists battle with the virus, others are now looking at the financial landscape. My conversations are with clients focusing on their own commercial position, some landlords, some tenants all with current challenges with commercial property.

The Covid19 crisis is real. However, the world continues to spin; economics will adjust but reality must be grasped.

At this stage, as we move towards the  next quarter day, the key is ‘communication’. The other party isn’t the enemy. A respectful approach, through honest dialogue should be aimed constructively at finding a solution, rather than ‘winning’. 

Some commercial property owners are reviewing their management, sale or letting strategies. Inspiring and creative marketing needs to be delivered with expertise, backed by enthusiasm and energy. Both landlords and tenants need sustained viability of long term trading to deliver business and rental income security, underpinning the strength any value of any commercial investment and business relationship. Things need to happen!

Commercial property management requires, first and foremost, the ability to deal with people and communicate. Now may the right time to review your property management or occupation strategies, review and plan marketing of a sale or letting or any other property challenges you face.

Current instructions range from my base in North Devon, to Wiltshire, Bristol, Home Counties and up to Edinburgh. Good communication is the key, wherever you are.

Enhance your professional team. Talk to me about your commercial property requirements, always in confidence and without obligation.
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